Dr. med. Christoph J. Bäumer

Curriculum Vitae Dr. med. Christoph J. Bäumer

Dr. Christoph Bäumer is a doctor with a degree in medicine from the university of Bonn, Germany. He has a diploma for osteopathic medicine from the university of Philadelphia and is a Master for pediatric osteopathy of the University of Wales.

He studied some medical approaches, internal medicine, surgery, and postural medicine, functional medicine and has graduations in allergology, nutrition medicine and Modern Mayr Medicine, sports medicine, acupuncture (TCM, YNSA) and special pain therapy.

He founded his Center of orthopedic surgery and pain therapy in Hamburg in 2000, which he coordinates till today, and treats his patients with holistic but individualised approach in diagnostics and therapy. In his biological medical office, he uses detoxification, ozone, oxygen and thrombocytes, stemcell- and ion induction therapy in his office on a daily base.

During his work and studying the patients’ history he developed a holistic therapy system integrating the principles of getting ill and the principles of self-healing.

On these topics Dr. Bäumer gives talks and seminars about his medical point of view with his holistic postural medicine.

All chronic diseases express themselves in postural issues- very early.

In 2018 he patented the multifunctional SmartInsole®, which simulates barefoot walking in your shoes with all the positive aspects barefoot walking has.


Postal adress:

Centrum für Orthopädie und Schmerztherapie Blankenese

Dockenhudener Str. 27

22587 Hamburg


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Medicine seems to slow down in progress- the health span is shrinking, lifespan is going down for years in spite of investing very high amounts of money.

People need medfuture -congresses like this one. In my seminar I will explain, what has been my way to improve health perspectives with my patients having complex issues concerning their health. The postural system is damaging organ functions, but damaged organ functions always result in postural problems as well. There is no chronic health issue without diagnostic useable symptoms in our postural system. And with this idea in mind, the postural medicine integrated in a holistic diagnostic and therapeutic philosophy (I call this Modern Biological Medicine) can be a preventive method to get an idea of what is going on with our patients.

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