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ArminLabs is a laboratory specialized in the diagnosis of infectious diseases. 
Our diagnostic services are available to physicians, naturopaths, complementary practitioners and patients from all over the world. Highly specialized, differentiated laboratory diagnostics by our experienced team are what distinguishes us. Our philosophy is not only to perform laboratory tests and transmit results, but to guide therapists and patients in the interpretation of the results.

Biogena supplement products are characterised by high-quality raw materials, strict controls and the intensive research work of the Biogena scientific team. Our academic experts are dedicated to research into micronutrients, diagnostics and lifestyle changes. Natural substances and their effects on health are analysed in studies conducted according to strict scientific criteria. The additional analysis of science-based data and facts provides precise information on the optimum dosage of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The latest findings in medicine, nutritional science and biochemistry form the basis of our work.

biovis’ Diagnostik OUR GOAL IS TO HAVE THE HUMAN IN FOCUS. To perform laboratory diagnostics not for the sake of diagnostics, but for the sake of the patient. That is our goal. As one of the most innovative human medical diagnostic laboratories in Europe, we offer nearly a thousand different laboratory analyses and tests in the fields of metabolic and metabolome diagnostics, molecular genetics, standard clinical diagnostics, microbiology, immunology, and preventive medicine. In addition to pure laboratory diagnostics, our services also include individualized therapy recommendations, which offer a benefit to both patients and medical professionals treating them. Our own research and close cooperation with renowned research groups in Germany and abroad enable us to continuously expand and improve our range of laboratory analyses and tests.

Institut Dr. Rilling Healthcare – Silica supplements, High bio-availability, 24H hydration Silica is essential (3rd important element in the body) and supports the human organism during recovery and stabilization, keeps it agile and healthy. Silica supports bones, tendons, connective tissues, collagen, hair, nails, teeth, lymph system and so forth. Silica is a detox factor for heavy metals and aluminum and according to studies destroys spike protein from corona virus.

MITOVIT® Hypoxic Training. Altitude training for everyone. Increasing vitality. Promoting health. Improving well-being. MITOVIT® is one of the most modern hypoxic training systems on the market. Although the training is carried out at rest, the effects of the altitude training known from competitive sports can be achieved through the targeted use of low-oxygen air.

NatuGena is an innovative company that develops and distributes high-quality nutritional supplements. We combine scientific expertise with a passion for top-quality supplements. The range includes natural and micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and various herbal extracts and medicinal mushrooms, in combination and as mono-preparations. We pursue a concept that is based on the latest scientific findings and our expertise in the field of micro and macro nutrition. We pay attention to effective dosages which are based on the latest study results, as well as the highest quality in the selection of our raw materials.

The papimi Ion-Induction Therapy (IIT), developed by Prof. DDr. Pappas, is a powerful method rooted in over 30 years of Effective Medicine. This therapy employs intense electromagnetic fields to elevate low cell membrane potentials, aiming to restore the body’s natural biochemical pathways. The result is a robust and targeted approach to regeneration, making papimi a trusted solution for those seeking effective and established methods within the realm of Integrative Medicine and Professional Sports.

THE POSTURALIST and SMARTFOOT ( offer holistic postural medicine as a part of the Modern Biological Medicine (MBO) developed by Dr. Julia Bäumer and Dr. Christoph Bäumer DO, MSc paed ost. Postural issues like back- or joint pain often are a precursor of various diseases of high impact. Those issues influence postural health long before the disease itself comes to visibility, for neurological, biochemical and/or mechanical reasons. The multi-patented and multifunctional SMARTINSOLE® is an important element of the possible complex postural health therapy, and simulates barefoot running with all the proven positive aspects it has in nearly ALL shoes for the improvement of postural issues – and to prevent from falling. Children, elderly people and sportsmen especially do profit from this evolutionary Insole, but it is appropriate for all humans walking on hard flat grounds. So it has an easy to go impact on geriatric medicine, preventive/well aging medicine, pediatrics, sports medicine and orthopedic traumatology. The use of the SMARTINSOLE® is a part of the complex postural health philosophy being taught in seminars, as today in this conference. 

“Green tea has been with mankind for over 4000 years and is one the most valued medicinal plants in the Asian healing art. Let’s discover this treasure together – for a better quality of life and for a better well – being thanks to green!” 
Tanja Hohenester – Founder of Tigovital

VIVOBASE is a highly effective preventive protection against EMF (electromagnetic fields) for all living beings by simulating a natural fair-weather environment that supports the body’s natural recovery in building a natural protective shield.

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