Dr. Dr.(PhD) Lechner

Dr. Dr.(PhD) Lechner has been the head of The Clinic for Integrative Dentistry in Munich since 1980, an executive board member of the DAH (German Association for Research on Disturbance Fields and Regulation), and for 25 years chairman of GZM (International Society for Holistic Dentistry).

Dr. Lechner has published 23 science based papers in PubMed indexed journals used by 200 thousand of dental and medical professionals worldwide and 80+articles. He has published ten books in German and has given numerous lectures at international congresses, universities, and medical organizations and presented education seminars in 8 countries (USA, UK, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Brazil and China).

Dr. Lechner developed two patented diagnostic tools for integrative and complementary dentistry with his team (www.cavitau.de). He and his co-author edited books in English, Fench and Portuguese on Cavitational Osteonecrosis in Jawbone. In his seminars, he emphasizes clinical features of bone research, chronic inflammation and heavy metal load in the jawbone, and the systemic interference of such materials on our health and chronic inflammation in our bodies and their impact on our overall health.

He is the founder of ICOSIM (International College of Maxillo-Mandibular Osteoimmunology www.icosim.de ).


The smouldering fire in the jawbone – Systemic diseases and neglected RANTES/CCL5 inflammation detected by ultrasonography

Widely unrecognised pathology in the jawbone produces an inflammatory messenger known as chemokine RANTES/CCL5. These local chronic RANTES inflammatory signalling cascades propell undesirable dysregulations in the immune system: Individual organs derail inflammatory or degenerative. Thus, the development of rheumatism, fibromyalgia and depression can be traced back to the RANTES pathways, as can the promotion of tumours or neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. The systemic effect of RANTES on the body thus acts like a “creeping poison”. The removal of these RANTES foci in a simple dental surgery Jawbone Detox® procedure results in impressive healing. Why is this new in dentistry? RANTES jawbone foci are not to detect by conventional X-ray. Alternatively new ultrasonography device is available for a radiation-free diagnosis of bone density and able to objectivize the fatty-degenerative condition of jawbone beyond radiography. This opens a new aspect for future Integrative Oral Medicine.


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