Dr. Robert Percy Marshall

Percy Marshall, MD, is a specialist in physical and rehabilitative medicine and holds a master’s degree in micronutrient therapy and regulatory medicine. He has been the team physician for RB Leipzig since 2018. His holistic treatment spectrum includes orthodox medicine, functional sports medicine, orthomolecular as well as TCM and osteopathic approaches. As co-founder of the Institute for Sports and Exercise Medicine at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, he was previously responsible for professionalizing sports medicine care for the HSV Youth Academy.

Dr Marshall is the author of many scientific publications. He continues his scientific career in close cooperation as a visiting scientist with the Faculty of Experimental Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine at the University Hospital Halle (Saale). Dr Marshall is also a key note speaker at international conferences, author and medical advisor.


Workshop “Sports Medicine”: Regeneration and prevention in professional sports using the example of RB Leipzig

In today’s sports medicine, the focus is increasingly shifting away from the pure treatment of sports injuries towards the prevention of such injuries. There is a close connection between targeted regeneration after physical stress and personalised injury prevention. The individual consideration of each athlete takes centre stage. RB Leipzig pursues one of the most modern interdisciplinary concepts in European football.

Lecture “Sports Medicine of Tomorrow”: Mitochondria, supplements and nutrition in competitive sports

Physical performance correlates directly with the body’s ability to produce the maximum amount of energy required at the right time. The mitochondria, the body’s own cellular power plants, are to be regarded as central aspects – limiting and promoting – in this respect. This lecture provides a basic understanding of the underlying mechanisms and the possibility of optimising their performance through targeted nutrition and, if necessary, dietary supplements.

Lecture “My Work at RB Leipzig”: Presentation of sports medicine as an interdisciplinary subject, salutogenesis, evidence in SpoMed, content-structural topics such as the function of the team doctor, communication in the team, error and quality management

The role of the sports doctor in the care of professional clubs has changed significantly in recent decades. More and more clubs are relying on full-time employed doctors. This has changed the role of the doctor and the status of sports medicine in today’s club landscape. This presentation will introduce the often untapped potential in clubs and medical departments in the search for maximum success.

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