Dr. Ulrich G. Randoll

Ulrich G. Randoll, is a medical doctor (MD) with private clinic in Munich. He is also head of Dr. Randoll Institut, a non-profit-organization for cell biological matrix-research and education in various medical specialties like prevention, rehabilitation, pre-and post-operative tissue management, pain treatment, stress management etc.

Dr. Randoll studied medicine at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt/M, Germany and achieved his doctorate 1989 magna cum laude. His doctoral thesis showed the development of dental medicine in the 20th century to a holistic and systemic dental medicine. The orientation was given to him by the pioneer’s life of Konrad Thielemann: dentist, medical doctor, scientist, professor and practitioner. Dr. Randoll emphases in this book Thielemanns achievements who found out that craniomandibular dysfunctions (jaw/teeth/muscles) and focal infections of the mouth can have impacts on the whole body especially on chronical diseases like rheumatism, tumors, and allergies. With new biophysical diagnostic and therapy methods Thielemann found a sensible and trend-setting way which was a milestone in preventive medicine.

Dr. Randoll has a background in dental medicine himself. He was a dental technician prior to his studies in medicine – and he studied dental medicine for 4 years, also at J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt/M. He therefore had a very wide education and was always interested in adjoining fields such as life sciences, ethno-medicine, traditional holistic medicine (TCM, Ayurveda), systematic renewable medicine, healing traditions and nature watching.

Most of all he was and is interested in resonance-based medicine and cell biological matrix science – which he started to research at University of Erlangen in 1989 by using most advanced video microscopes with high resolution to study cellular behavior depended from their physico-chemical environment.

Supported by funds he did basic research in cell biological matrix, backed up by clinical research during 1992 until 1997 with focus on cancer, pain and chronical illnesses in musculoskeletal disorders. (Dept. of maxillofacial surgery and traumatology)

This led to develop the matrix concept featuring the Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy and the invention of a medical device, the Matrixmobil. Both got established into practice in 1997.

The matrix concept of Dr. Randoll is a systemic concept to prevent illnesses and supports healing of muscle-skeletal discomforts such as neck/back/hip/arm/shoulder pains, decomposition of swellings, reconstitution of elasticity (i.e. scars, postural deformity), temporomandibular joints discomforts, chronical pain, accelerated regeneration of (vasomotor) nerves (i.e. tinnitus, carpal-tunnel-syndrome) as well as morphogenetic illnesses such as rheumatism, arthrosis, fibromyalgia and osteoporosis.

For his achievements in the matrix science he earned an innovation price in computer technology FHTE (college Esslingen) in 1995 and the Matrix Award of the Matrix Society in Alexandropoulos, Greece in 1996.

Since 1997 he has instructed successfully over 10000 therapists (doctors, dentists, medical instructors, physiotherapists, traditional healers) in 28 countries in the matrix concept beside the practical work on patients in his clinic in Munich.

His book „The Matrix Concept; Medicine of 21st century – Scientific Foundations of Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy, first published in 2012, is available in two languages.

His second book “Matrix Rhythm Therapy – Knowledge, Philosophy and Practice of Resonance-based Medicine” is an in deep focus on nowadays concept of illness and health and proves with scientific-physiological findings as well as with practical achievements that Resonance-based Medicine is the key to understanding chronic illnesses.

Dr. Randoll lives in the outskirts of Munich, Germany. He loves hiking and skiing.



Topic: Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy Knowledge, philosophy and practice of resonance-based medicine

With Dr. Ulrich Randoll, our speaker and inventor of Matrix Rhythm Therapy, we have an internationally recognized expert in systems theory for this congress. He has spent many years studying its consequences for a practical, empathic medicine of the future, both scientifically and experimentally as well as clinically and therapeutically. Exactly what future physiotherapy needs.

As a participant you will learn in the theoretical part

– how rhythmically pulsating physiological processes as “time patterns” influence pathological/anatomical structures as “spatial patterns” and how healing occurs solely through synchronizing fields, you will learn in theory and practical examples, (restricted mobility, Pain management etc., Pre-habilitation, Re-habilitation, Peri-operative, increasing performance in sports.

– which processes and conditions are behind symptoms and the resulting changes in senses and consciousness.

– What treatment options do we have in physiotherapy in general and how does the systemic Matrix Concept with the Matrixmobil support us in the application of Matrix Rhythm Therapy?

In the practical part

you will learn and feel the practical application of Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy on your own body with mutual application.


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