Prof Dr. Dr. Muss PhD

Prof. Muss is physician specialized in preventive medicine, nutrition and immunology with an academic background in biochemistry from Washington state University. He has earned three doctorates including a PhD degree and finally after habilitation received the acknowledgement as a Full Professor from the Slovakian president in the field of Public Health.

As part of his academic work, he founded the international group of preventive medicine (I-GAP) in Vienna which is a non-profit organization connecting experts worldwide in the effort to promote individualized concepts in integrative and preventive medicine. His owes his medical experience to his practical work in different clinics in Germany (Munich and Constance, Austria (Vienna) and Switzerland (Lucerne).

He is presently Head of the Department of Prevention and Health Science at the CH WMU University Warsaw and supervises PhD Student programs at St. Elisabeth University Bratislava, Slovakia. Within this profile he has inaugurated several postgraduate academic courses for professional training in preventive medicine (BsC and MSc). At these conferences he substitutes Prof Dr. Schütz for his lectures who is a cofounder of IGAP and CEO of Biovis lab.


It has been well known in medicine for thousands of years that intestinal health has a special role in the prevention of chronic diseases. Current research has also made a quantum leap in terms of the diagnostic possibilities for analyzing the microbiome with the introduction of genetic tests in the  stool samples. On these grounds experimental and clinical studies have shown in recent years that the interaction between the gut and the other organs of the body passes beyond the immune system and effects human nervous and endocrine system.  

Within the endeavor to optimize diagnostics in preventive and integrative. medicine Biovis lab has establish a wide array of functional test essential in personalized medicine. These parameters provide accuracy in the management of acute and chronic illness. Meanwhile Biovis lab offers a number of very innovative parameters in stool and other samples which enable, on the one hand, to examine the metabolome and, on the other hand, the analysis of more personalized risk factors. Lectures will explain some new aspects of stool diagnostics, thereby providing an insight into the extended possibilities of molecular diagnostics  which provide an important contribution to the expansion of the diagnostic spectrum in personalized tailored medicine.  

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