Rasmus Franciscus Gaupp-Berghausen

Rasmus Franciscus Gaupp-Berghausen
Dipl.-Ing. in Landscape Architecture and Planning
MSc in Agricultural Science

The latest work of R. Gaupp-Berghausen is in relation of HRV (Heart Rate Variability), Sound and Colour Light. Through algorithms the vibrations of the HRV are directly translated into audible frequencies of sound and visible frequencies of colour light. In 2018-2019 R. Gaupp-Berghausen was Co-President of the International Light Association (ILA), which is collaborative group of light and colour therapy practitioners, health professionals and scientists.

Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, born 1974 in Austria, studied between 1993 and 2002 Landscape Planning (Vienna) and Agricultural Science (Copenhagen). In cooperation with Masaru Emoto he founded 2004 the laboratory Hado Life.

Gaupp-Berghausen has been invited in over 40 countries presenting his work in lectures and workshops.


Translation of Heart Frequencies into Sound & Colour Light

Translation of the very low, low and high frequency of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system into audible and non pulsed colour light frequencies. The real-time conversion of the body’s own vibration, based on the HRV into sound and colour light allows each individual to encounter once unique continuously changing and with its surrounding interacting heart frequency in easy understandable frequency spectra.

Experiencing ones continuously changing personal heart frequency through sound and light seems to have a beneficial effect to the self regulation abilities of the human body.

By translating the HRV of two persons simultaneously you can connect with another person in sound and light and encounter real heart based coherence.

This technology is since its launch 2011 already applied by hospitals, primary physicians and naturopaths in 29 countries.

Besides lecturing about theoretical background of professional HRV analysis, musical harmonics, physics of frequencies R. Gaupp-Berghausen will live demonstrate its application life on stage.

Further information: www.aquaquinta.com

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